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Granules :

Preferably with lukewarm water or milk or as directed by the physician.

    • Adults : 1-2 teaspoonful at bed time.
    • Children : 1/2-1 teaspoonful at bed time.


Encourages gentle elimination naturally...
Relieves chronic constipation supplements anthraquinones, Seena & Amaltas significantly relieve chronic constipation by toning the G.I.T. and enhancing glandular secretions without irritating intestinal mucosa.
Regularises Bowel Movements, Haritaki, Saunf (fennel) essential oil significantly increase the gastric motility by stimulating the lining of large intestine, resulting in regular bowel movements.
Tones Digestion, Saunf & Gulab acts as gastroprotective and carminative, thus tone digestion by restoring motility of G.I.T.
and gastric juices secretion to relieve flatulence and indigestion.


Restores intestinal motility and microflora...
Increases Stool Bulk, Ispaghula is a well known bulking agent, which increases stools and apparent wet weight as well as decreases intestinal transit time without irritating bowel.
Acts as Gastro-Protective, Mulethi (Liquorice), Gulab sooth the gastric mucosa & improve absorption-assimilation of food, thereby, guard the gastrointestinal tract and maintain proper digestive juices secretion.
Beneficial in constipation related conditions, Pulvolax tones gastrointestinal tract, regularizes the function of digestive glands & restores bowel movements thus is highly beneficial in constipation associated problem like Piles, Fissure etc.



  • PTS (ExL 12% GST)  106.72   Rs.  On (PTS  10+ pc)
    PTR (Exl 12% GST)  119.91   Rs.  On (PTR   1  pc)

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