Quantity: 100 TAB
DOSAGE: 2 tabs twice a day


PTS (ExL 12% GST)  376.66 Rs.  On (PTS  10+ pc)
PTR (Exl 12% GST)  423.21 Rs.  On (PTR  1  pc)


Winning the fight against the silent killer, Type-2 Diabetes mellitus
BGR-34 has been developed by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Govt. of India. A novel technology for effective carbohydrates metabolism with scientific authenticity. The research team comprising of eminent scientists and doctors has developed BGR-34, a novel phyto research providing, affordable, effective, and safe healthcare to the suffering masses. BGR-34 is a novel natural DPP-4 inhibitor along with cardio-protective action. It is a promising, safe drug regimen to help effectively maintain normal blood glucose levels and reduce the chances of long term complications.


Maintains Effective Carbohydrate Metabolism & Restores Quality of Life


Acts as a natural DPP-4 inhibitor to effectively manage Diabetes improves glucose tolerance, reduces raised blood glucose levels effectively along with cardiac protection.

Modulates insulin release, helps in repair & revival of Beta cells of the pancreas and increases glucose-mediated insulin release.


Supplements bioactive constituents like galactomannan. reduces postprandial glucose level by reducing the intestinal absorption of glucose.




Effectively control fasting & post prandial blood sugar level, delays gastric absorption of carbohydrates.
Boosts body defence system & anti-oxidant system to protect vital organs like heart, kidneys, eyes etc.

Nourishes and strengthens vital organs by supplementing various phytonutrients and reducing oxidative damage caused by free redicals.


BGR-34 100 Tablet MRP

  • PTS (ExL 12% GST)  376.66 Rs.  On (PTS  10+ pc)
    PTR (Exl 12% GST)  423.21 Rs.  On (PTR  1  pc)


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