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Quantity: 100 GM Granules
Dosage: ½-1 teaspoon twice or thrice a day


PTS (ExL 12% GST)  367.24  Rs.  On (PTS  10+ pc)
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“Effective Glucose Management With Nourishing & Rejuvenating Vital Organs”
Amree plus is an outcome of marvelous R&D efforts, bringing a revolution in establishing a formulation for diabetes mellitus and associated micro & macrovascular complications management. It can be used as an adjuvant to modern anti-diabetics and Insulin and in cases of PCOS along with Amycordial.


AMREE PLUS is a synergistic mix of active constituents from nature’s vital herbs that have been used all over the world from times immemorial. AMREE PLUS is a comprehensive oral anti-hyperglycemic benefiting the patients of type-2 diabetes with its unique herbal composition. It not only maintains glucose level but also nourishes the vital organs thus improves the quality of life. It also helps delay triopathic complications associated with diabetes due to its system toning effects. The formulation is specifically designed to provide comprehensive benefits w.r.t. glucose metabolism, insulin production, and utilization, lipids metabolism as well as to alleviate the symptoms like fatigue, weight loss, excessive thirst, etc. The processing of AMREE PLUS is done in a sophisticated manner to enrich formulation with thermolabile & proteinous components.




Promotes glucose utilisation, decrease insulin resistance, making cells more sensitive to effects of insulin & resulting in decrease blood sugar levels by karelo, bahero, bilu, methi beej, ashwagandha etc.


Repairs & revives B-cells, provides anti sweet principles, gymnemic acids, gurmarin which helps to repair & revive B-cells.


Supplements essential micro-nutrients, provides omega 3 & omega 6 fatty acids from almond oil. wheat germ oil plays key role in energy production & micro-nutrients like Phosphate- makes oxygen avaiable to the tissue by vijaysaae, Chromium & Copper- inhibits accumulation of sorbitol by methi, Magnesium & Maganese- improves production of insulin by jamun, Zinc- improves antioxidant enzymes in RBC's by pumpkin seeds which strengthens micro vasculature which is the utmost required of diabetics for preventing long term complications.




Amree Plus Increases insulin sensitivity, increasing utilization of glucose, a key action required for diabetic and PCOS patients.


Amree plus supplements essential micronutrients for strengthening of micro-vasculature which is the utmost requirement of diabetics.


Amree plus helps in preventing long term complications of diabetes mellitus by supplementing anti-oxidants and immuno-modulators.


Amree Plus 100 GM Granules MRP

  • PTS (ExL 12% GST)  367.24  Rs.  On (PTS  10+ pc)
    PTR (Exl 12% GST)  412.63  Rs.  On (PTR  1 pc)
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