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Quantity: 20 Cap.


PTS (ExL 12% GST)  144.39  Rs.  On (PTS  10+ pc)
PTR (Exl 12% GST)  162.23  Rs.  On (PTR      1  pc)


DOSAGE: 2 Caps thrice a day

Maintenance Dose: 2 Caps twice a day for complete relief


Disclaimer: This is to stare that the blend formulation (Power content ) of Capsule do not contain any ingredient of animal origin and it has NO co-relation with Snake. The Snake picture on the pack is only a unique identifying illustration.

Continue the treatment for 3 months till complete relief.


“Turns Semen Vital & Strong”
Semento is a Ayurvedic proprietary formulation containing 34 herbal & classical medicinal preperations to restore the masculine in the male by restoring the reproductive physiology to produce semen with all parameters of potency. Semento is ideal toner to enhance vigour, acts as vascular toner to reproductive glands, and improves the motility, morphology & Viability of vital germs by restoring the function of Sertoli’s cells, acting anti- oxidants to normalcy. Semento also acts as stimulant thus improves stud performance.
Powerful & Effective Semen Toner
Provides potent anti-oxidant effect to prevent ROS mediated degeneration of sperm.
Improves the vigour & vitality by supplementing rich phyto-nutrients to enhance hormonal secretions and its further utilization.
Enhances the conception possibility by augmenting count, motility and survivability of sperms.


Acts as a neuro-muscular toner to retard the stress in debilitated men under psychological influence.
Regulates Hypothalamus–Pitutary–Gonadal axis, thereby helps streamline the physiology of reproduction in men.
Fights against the Unexplained Miscarriage, protecting sperm DNA from free radical damage and improves embryogenesis.




AIMIL Semento 20'S MRP

  • PTS (ExL 12% GST)  144.39  Rs.  On (PTS  10+ pc)
    PTR (Exl 12% GST)  162.23  Rs.  On  (PTR     1  pc)

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