Philosophy & Approach

Our Philosophy runs parallel to that of Ayurveda, our every action reflects our thinking of better health and care of our patients. Our philosophy also blends well with our dream of a disease-free and healthy society. We also strive to bring a paradigm shift in the lives of sufferers through our products and services.

In the market scenario where there are two separate products available for restoration and supplementation of the human body's, Aimil has thought of something different. In all our products we have combined the good supplementation power of nutraceuticals and effective treating power of pharmaceuticals as we believe in treating, repairing, restoring and bringing back the patient from the diseased state.

“Aimil approaches for quality & value additions through scientific validation”

Exclusivity in the Herbal market

he formulations and products are exclusive to and are the proprietary property of AIMIL pharma. The formulations and products offered are unique to the markets and are creating a new benchmark for the natural health product industry. For the first time, AIMIL has


Restoration is a wider term, which implies to provide all possible means to bring back a state of normalcy to the, systems and the body as a whole (i.e. make the body work the


The human body is made of five basic constituents, namely:

  • Carbohydrates

  • Proteins

  • Fats (Lipids)

  • Water

  • Trace elements (minerals & electrolytes)

AIMIL’s Research & Development

The AIMIL Research and Development Team ensures that all of our products meet with and exceed all of the stringent parameters set by Ayurvedist, pharmacologists and scientists. This is achieved by formulating a composition in which ingredients work

Quality & Validation

AIMIL bases its product formulations on the concept of 5000 years of Indigenous medicine, healthcare knowledge, experience & results – combined with modern research by Ayurvedist, pharmacologists and other scientists. In recent years, the herbs and their

Limitations of Allopathic System

Allopathic drugs are not only way to care for chronic diseases as almost all molecules exerts mild to severe side effects on other organs of body besides the targeted one. The western world – North America & Western Europe focus on allopathic medicine as the

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