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Team Aimil's sincere endeavors towards health care...

The success of Aimil is a result of the joint efforts of all our employees. We are aware that success usually does not

happens by itself, but it is found on self disciplines, hard work, combined & committed efforts of "TEAM AIMIL"



The true encouragement behind the initiation of AIMIL HEALTHCARE AND RESEARCH CENTRE is the distinguished and superlative performance of AIMIL Pharmaceuticals who has reached through the masses and to those outskirts where no medical consultation reached earlier. With Aimil’s medical professionals and the affirmation of quality herbal preparations, the solutions for the big challenges like Leucoderma, Renal Stones, Diabetes, etc have been taken out.

R&D Department

The R&D team of AIMIL is manned by a group of high academic caliber and experienced professional from different fields like Ayurveda, Pharmaceutical and Basic Sciences. They are involved in product & in-house process development for various formulations on the basis of Ayurvedic texts and scientific studies.


Marketing Department

Aimil's Marketing Team has overall responsibility for ethically promoting the products, growing revenue, increasing market share and contributing to company growth & profitability. Our strong marketing team takes responsibility for developing & implementing strategy in line with overall company strategy and objectives.

HR Department

Aimil has a highly resourceful HR Team with a goal to help create a working environment that supports our employee to achieve desired business results. HR Team engaged in recruiting approach that attracts candidates of good caliber. Everyone at HR is passionate about helping to successfully navigate, manage and develop everything related to the employee.


IT Department

Our IT Team aim is to generate value through the use of technology, which involves a network of relationship between internal & external environments. IT Team plays an important role in improving the overall value chain of the organisation. Our strong, energetic & enthusiastic IT Team delivers IT solutions and services to employees customers and our various all India branches, distributors & CNF's

Account & Finance Team

Account & Finance play an existential role in the management of our business. Our expert team of professionals follow the good Accounting practices & keep company in compliance with the law. Account & Finance Team, by understanding the flow of funds with proper accounting practices, helps in proper budgeting, analysing the company performance and accordingly developing the strategy to achieve the goal by reacting to a richer destinations.


Commercial Department

Specific functions of commercial company affair members are very significant, they act as liaisons between the administrative support staff and the professional, technical and managerial staff. This may involve implementing new company policies or restructuring the work flow in their departments. They also must keep their superiors informed of their progress and any potential problems. The experts of department also provide legal aid to the organisation so as to deal with any issue raised in the market. They keep an overall eye on the proper functioning of in-house work and market needs.

AHD Team

Besides serving Ailing Humanity through Highly Efficacious, Clinically Proven & Time Tested Holistic Medicines/ Ayurvedic Formulations, Animal Health Care is again a Great Concern for Aimil Pharmaceuticals (India) Ltd. Animal Health Care Team is playing key role in generating awareness at grass root level that adopting Herbal/ Ayurvedic formulations as Veterinary Medicines is the right way to achieve Ultimate Aim of Producing Antibiotic Free products which is in interest of Animal Health & subsequently Human Beings consuming their products viz. Egg, Meat, Milk etc. AHD Team’s concept selling has been highly accepted & thereby established products as Treatment Products in diseases of varied etiology in Poultry as well as livestock. Keeping in mind that the Diagnosis Must Precede the Treatment, AHD Team fully relies upon Health Professionals for recommendation of our veterinary products which are Treatment Products and are acting as Preventive as well as Curative in different Acute as well as Chronic Ailments in Animals.


Factory Management Team

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