“Bringing Our Innovations in Quality Health Products Globally”

AIMIL is committed to exploring distinct untapped health benefits inherent to Ayurveda, literally meaning the knowledge of health and meaningful quality of life. We believe that research is the key to discover nature’s secrets. AYURVEDA besides stressing on a healthy lifestyle and dietary guidelines also emphasizes the use of medicine from nature's sources. Ayurvedic medicines were wrongly considered to be mild in nature and that too to be taking a lot of time to manifest their efficacy. The truth was far off from this general belief and fact remained that in case the Indigenous Health Products were rightly identified, processed & prescribed specifically in the right dosage, they could not only do wonders but also answer a number of therapeutic problems for which no promising solution existed as yet and that too with safety rather in patient's friendly way.

All this acted as a strong driving force behind AIMIL to put its firm footing in the field of Natural Health Products with limited financial resources but an unlimited commitment to the cause of sufferings. The promise is to provide nature’s resource products backed with innovative Research & Development efforts ensuring the predictable therapeutic benefits with safety to alleviate human sufferings. The outcome is the development of formulations with distinct advantages for various therapeutic groups with safety viz. Neeri, Amlycure D.S., Amree Plus,  Amycordial, Purodil, Muscalt Forte, etc. which all stood firm to the expectations of the medical professionals, putting the organization not only at the leadership position in the herbal drug industry but also amongst the fastest-growing drug companies. AIMIL, due to all its credentials, has succeeded in bagging three National Awards and also the Technical collaborations with country’s most eminent research organizations, DRDO and CSIR for manufacturing and market promotion of their very exclusive and innovatively developed products for Leucoderma and Diabetes respectively.

Convinced about AIMIL’s sincere endeavors towards health care with quality products, a number of countries have opened up the ways to our range of products putting Aimil on the World map. Health is an integral part of every creature and we are committed to improving quality of life through the promulgation of natural remedies with established efficacy and safety across the globe extensively by 2020.

" Health is the greatest gift, for it allows us to reach our maximum potential "

- Kanwal Kumar Sharma
Chairman & MD

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