About Us


We are a brand trusted for more than three decades, admired by different generations. We are Aimil pharmaceuticals (I) Ltd.,an Ayurvedic authority taking the legacy of Ayurveda ahead, now embarking new odyssey and launching our personal care product range with the brand name-

Our founder Chairman of AIMIL Group Shri K.K Sharma is on a mission to help people switch from chemical based products to the real natural products. Ayouthveda successfully brings safe & high performing range for youthful & beautiful you.


Help a million people switch from harmful chemical based personal care products to safe and wonderful Ayurvedic products.


We vow to enable everyone to experience

“Purity of Ayurveda”

“Provide skin care with therapeutic benefits”

“Help people switch from harsh chemicals “


We promise to be stewards of high quality Ayurvedic product experiences and help people live healthy and meaningful lives through our knowledge, accountability, and customer value.

 Promise of Excellence 

With an indulgence of 35 years of extensive experience & expertise, we craft world class deliverance of authentic Ayurvedic products.

Promise of Safety

We thrive to serve products free from harsh chemicals, parabens, silicones, sulphates & petroleum products. We ensure complete safety by incorporating skin caring ingredients & excipients of international grades.

Promise of Integrity

We engage in creating authentic & high quality Ayurvedic products with accountability.


We make & deliver extravagant personal care products that ensure excellent customer experience like never before, encompassing all aspects of healthy living crafted with high aesthetic approach.

Ayouthveda passionately combine the traditional rituals with modern technology bringing Modern Ayurveda- Ayouthveda

Provides authentic products of superior quality, free from harsh chemicals.

Offers highly effective Ayurveda inspired range of products void of artificial colour, fragrance & animal testing.

Our products not just add cosmetic value in our customer lives but also ensures active therapeutic effect for predictable results.

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Bhavik Agnihotri

Mobile No. +91 9537728813

Email. bhavsrups74@gmail.com