AIMIL’s Research & Development

The AIMIL Research and Development Team ensures that all of our products meet with and exceed all of the stringent parameters set by Ayurvedist, pharmacologists and scientists. This is achieved by formulating a composition in which ingredients work synergistically and through multi-mechanism of action which holistically benefits the patient. Each product composition contains two separate formulations (Primary and Secondary) which are combined into one final formulation (Product Composition):

  1. Primary Formulation is targeted at the root cause of the actual disease and the associated symptoms.

  2. Secondary Formulation balances the body's physiology, and improves absorption of active ingredients and nutrients (present in the formulations and food) from the Gastro Intestinal Tract of the patient. Thus, the optimal amounts of these become available to the body and they help enhance the overall metabolism. As a result, the patient receives both restoration and supplementation with no adverse effects.

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